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RT @humanmadeltd: We’re really happy to announce that @kadamwhite has joined Human Made as a Senior JavaScript Engineer 👏🙌⭐️…

6:23pm Dec 8 2017 —

RT @sturdyAlex: In summary: ten years ago bankers gambled with all our money, lost most of it, caused a global financial crisis, which resu…

7:24am Dec 7 2017 —

I left school at 17 and got my first professional software job at 28. I’ve had a good career since. I don’t think t…

7:19am Dec 7 2017 —

@WebDevLaw @_web_matters_ Yay! 🎉 Please take my money. Let me know when the sign up form is ready.

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RT @seldo: Dear news organizations of the internet: never the fuck ever do I want to watch a video instead of read the article I clicked on…

8:24am Dec 5 2017 —

RT @WritersofColour: ‘The alterations of our names are an erasure, a theft of culture and negation of complexities. They are colonialism’-…

12:15am Dec 5 2017 —

Check out WordPress the Card Game by Angry Creative AB on @Kickstarter #wcus #wordpress

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RT @GurbirSingh: Book reviews and price discount for the book released last month – The Indian Space Programme http…

10:32am Dec 4 2017 —

RT @amberweinberg: Amazing how many think it’s impossible to code w/o frameworks.

What do you code in?
But…how do you style things…

1:56am Dec 4 2017 —

RT @stuherbert: These computers contain personal information from MPs’ constituents. Anyone know if MPs are individually liable under the r…

9:41pm Dec 3 2017 —

RT @samirasawlani: patriarchy and misogyny at work.
You would never read a headline like this if it referred to two men.
The media forever…

8:10pm Dec 2 2017 —

Awesome stop motion! My niece, was involved. #prouduncle

1:33pm Dec 2 2017 —

RT @imascientist: Four weeks of #25Genomes have flown by!

– 3,500+ votes
– 400+ questions
– 115 live chats
– 5 public open chats

One week…

8:59pm Dec 1 2017 —

RT @NHM_Digitise: Our live audience decided which species gets their vote, but have you decided which will get yours? Find more info at htt…

8:58pm Dec 1 2017 —

RT @Humanists_UK: Can you help us reach 2,000 signatures today on our petition to Jeremy Hunt for an evidence-based NHS? Please, sign now.…

1:19pm Dec 1 2017 —

RT @WritersofColour: Every time you think the daily mail can’t go any lower.
It proves you wrong.

12:37am Dec 1 2017 —

RT @libertyhq: .@AmberRuddHR today proposed changes to the #SnoopersCharter in response to successful legal challenge by @tom_watson – but…

12:26am Dec 1 2017 —

@GaryJ @simond Yeah, I used to have both hands full!

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@simond the date was 09/12/2005. And it looks like the place is spagettihouse, cranbourn st.

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