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RT @WaleedZafar1: Spot the difference. Caucasian vs Brown. Same method of terrorism, two different motives whilst reporting. #FinsburyPark

6:56am Jun 19 2017 —

RT @camikaos: Dear Women of the WP World,

I’d love to see you submit a talk for @WordCampUS <3 Cami

PS: Applications close 6/23 https://t…

6:44am Jun 19 2017 —

I’m so glad I’ve not been working in the office today!

9:27pm Jun 18 2017 —

RT @majortimspace: It is one year today since @astro_timpeake returned from space!…

7:33pm Jun 18 2017 —

RT @muzzlehatch_: “No other industry behaves this way. It’s unprofessional.” @WebDevLaw #WCEU

7:31pm Jun 18 2017 —

RT @MikScarlet: Amazing rousing talk from @WebDevLaw @ #WCEU. Time for #WordPress community to become active politically & socially to shap…

7:31pm Jun 18 2017 —

5:25pm Jun 17 2017 —

RT @jackseale: Wow. This interview with a tearful David Lammy MP really feels like part of something changing, profoundly…

1:34pm Jun 17 2017 —

RT @DNAtkinson: ‘My local tax rebate is blood money’ – strong letter from Kensington & Chelsea resident in Guardian today.…

1:25pm Jun 17 2017 —

RT @raisonco: Theme of this wordcamp so far is – it’s time to get political. This is a long needed talk by @WebDevLaw…

12:14pm Jun 17 2017 —

RT @Chris_Alexandr: The leadership of this woman and the selfless heroism of the London firefighters is inspirational. #GrenfellTower https…

12:20am Jun 17 2017 —

RT @Ipstenu: But if you care about the future of the Internet, please watch @WebDevLaw‘s talk and follow her advice. Make the changes happe…

2:40pm Jun 16 2017 —

MadFabLab has opened @madlabuk! New open-access space in Manchester for hackers, makers & tinkerers. Find out more:

1:57pm Jun 15 2017 —

RT @nrrrdcore: It’s not fair. Reminder that there are so many stories like mine, @amelielamont‘s, + @susanthesquark‘s that you won’t ever h…

7:22am Jun 15 2017 —

RT @WomaninHavana: Germany, now France, extending a friendly hand to Britain.

Take it, Britain.

Take it before the Brexit brakes can’t…

1:01pm Jun 14 2017 —

RT @Humanists_UK: This judgment confirms that the Health Secretary has the power to make abortions on NHS England free for all UK citizens…

12:59pm Jun 14 2017 —

RT @Kate_Butler: Same. Who’s got the guts to do this … ?

12:57pm Jun 14 2017 —

RT @Humanists_UK: Bad news: by 3-2, the Supreme Court has ruled women in Northern Ireland can’t get free abortions on NHS in England https:…

12:53pm Jun 14 2017 —

RT @madlabuk: Take your WordPress site to the next level with WP co-founder, @mikelittlezed1! Last few spaces left…

12:50pm Jun 14 2017 —

RT @BrexitBin: If this is you, please Retweet

7:18am Jun 14 2017 —

RT @FeministaPamela: ICYMI, this fantastic piece cannot be read too many times… via @WritersofColour

8:08pm Jun 13 2017 —

RT @ShaneMcC: What happens when phony populism collides with the real thing?

Excellent by @fotoole on the predicament in UK:…

3:23pm Jun 13 2017 —

RT @majortimspace: Weekly ‘Galactic Cosmic Quiz’!
05/06 A Greek god of the sky
1st modern SETI(Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) ex…

9:51pm Jun 12 2017 —

@ID_Mobile_UK Do your SIMs work in 2G phones?

6:29pm Jun 12 2017 —

RT @iamdmann: @KeithOlbermann

8:35am Jun 12 2017 —