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RT @BHAhumanists: Support our work for human rights, equality, secularism, and a fairer, more rational UK by joining the BHA today: https:/…

7:41am Apr 19 2017 —

RT @politicallynate: I’m sorry this is fucking ridiculous. They’d rather put UKIP 0 than green 1. Fucking hell.

7:39am Apr 19 2017 —

RT @GeorgeAylett: This is Theresa May’s awful voting record throughout the years. Spread this far and wide. #GeneralElection…

12:24am Apr 19 2017 —

RT @Iancoggneato: Overwhelmed by a crush; Why queer representation on Doctor Who matters… via @TheQueerness

12:18am Apr 19 2017 —

RT @josiefraser: #sexforrent – new forms of old social, economic & sexual abuse by @vonny_bravo

8:26pm Apr 18 2017 —

April YEAR Meeting: Wednesday 19th, 6.30-9pm, Madlab

2:23pm Apr 18 2017 —

I just liked “Songwich” on #Vimeo:

4:08pm Apr 17 2017 —

RT @SKZCartoons: RT if you are NOT uniting behind May’s horrific visions, nor any of the lies which brought about Brexit.…

1:15pm Apr 16 2017 —

RT @meeware: PM observes ‘coming together’ after Brexit in Easter message. She is mentally unsuitable to lead. Utterly delusional https://t…

1:08pm Apr 16 2017 —

RT @moonmaster9000: RT if you are doing this.

12:59pm Apr 16 2017 —

RT @TheEllenShow: If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars

8:44am Apr 14 2017 —

RT @MayaChowdhry: 9 Inspiring Teenagers On How Poetry Helps Them Find A Voice In This Messed Up World

8:38pm Apr 13 2017 —

RT @BHAhumanists: Gay men abducted, murdered, and tortured in Chechnya in Russia. Add your voice to the international outcry:…

12:58pm Apr 12 2017 —

RT @swissspidy: “When submitting a patch, should my code be reviewed, or should my sexual life be?”

12:57pm Apr 12 2017 —

RT @simond: Threat from some (apparently) prominent Drupal people to quit the project in wake of recent governance scandal…

12:56pm Apr 12 2017 —

RT @BHAhumanists: Yet more new faith schools from a Govt cementing its legacy of a more segregated and discriminatory education system http…

12:46pm Apr 12 2017 —

RT @WebDevLaw: “I think the answer is going to be avoiding all but absolutely essential travel to the US.”

7:16am Apr 11 2017 —

RT @AlexXavi77: Amy: ‘It’s not a disease. With autism, their brains are wired differently, you can’t catch anything.’

Read more: https://…

8:52pm Apr 9 2017 —

RT @sarah_edo: After my talk:
Guy: so who coded your demos?
Me: I did
G: so you used a GUI?
M: no I coded it
G: you code?
M: yes
G: no, lik…

2:34pm Apr 9 2017 —

RT @solchica: The data suggests that women love STEM but STEM professions are not safe for many women.…

2:27pm Apr 9 2017 —

RT @smitajamdar: If you want two paragraphs to sum up how diminished our “world leadership” will be post-Brexit, here they are: https://t.c…

8:50am Apr 9 2017 —

RT @TheMarySue: It Might Be Time to Delete Your LiveJournal…

8:45am Apr 9 2017 —

RT @leventieva: Amazing answer by @no_fear_inc about WordPress websites’ vulnerability. I’m snitching bits for my next sales pitch! https:/…

9:29pm Apr 8 2017 —

RT @CodeUpSK: We’ve just announced our April event! Come join us on the 24th April for more WordPress action with @mikelittlezed1 https://t…

3:04pm Apr 7 2017 —

RT @bevangelist: Write up of @UNISONdigital “hackday” @mikelittlezed1 & I helped out at last week –…

12:14pm Apr 7 2017 —