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RT @kitation: I hate how companies play down breaches by saying “its OK, no card details stolen!”. I can cancel a card but I can’t change m…

9:30am Nov 18 2016 —

RT @Snowden: Theresa May’s plan for the UK seems to be about expanding access to mass surveillance while limiting access to marmite.

9:30am Nov 18 2016 —

RT @CGBPosts: Secret’s new ad features a trans woman building up the courage to exit a stall in a women’s bathroom once other people have w…

9:25am Nov 18 2016 —

RT @petyeah: Looking at #WPTranslationDay stats I can’t be more grateful to @humanmadeltd for supporting my time for the #WordPress Polyglo…

9:16am Nov 18 2016 —

RT @BreakingNews: Britain’s Three Mobile confirms data breach; sources tell Telegraph millions of customers private data at risk https://t.…

7:13am Nov 18 2016 —

RT @dorothysnarker: GOP has House, Senate & Presidency. They want to pass this stunningly anti-LGBT law – and can. #Resist…

7:10am Nov 18 2016 —

RT @IAEGMOOH: How did you get into science? Nice answers from @wellcometrust Diagnosis Zone engineers incl @bioengteuchter:…

5:02pm Nov 17 2016 —

I should have mentioned: from my @oneplusphone phone! @JuiceSSH

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RT @lpoolgirlgeeks: @AmeliaStars2209 @imdollywilliams @_slates @mikelittlezed1 we miss you already Amelia! See you again soon & well done 🙌🙌

4:57pm Nov 17 2016 —

Thanks to @JuiceSSH and, I could modify code on a server to fix a bug whilst on the bus this morning. #showingoff

1:06pm Nov 17 2016 —

RT @maxipotential: Enter to win for £20 donation: £60,000 3 day luxury yacht charter!

Mored Palma de Mallorca. For up to 11 people,… htt…

7:36am Nov 17 2016 —

RT @idea15webdesign: All Glaswegians are morally required to do this.

10:31pm Nov 16 2016 —

RT @hflf: Here is your chance to get involved in next years Manchester WordCamp @wcmcr…

10:31pm Nov 16 2016 —

RT @kitation: It’s disgusting how mental health in young people is ignored and underfunded. Surely early intervention saves time, pain and…

12:46pm Nov 16 2016 —

@madlabuk @mwug Actually at 6.30. You don’t want to be late!

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Well done.

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RT @WebDevLaw: NEW POST: Enough is enough: exposing a fake web industry regulator…

12:34am Nov 16 2016 —

RT @_slates: I am so incredibly proud of these girls. Thanks for all your support & inspiration we’ve had the best feedback! Until next tim…

10:07pm Nov 15 2016 —

RT @lpoolgirlgeeks: The winner! Well done Amelia 🙌 thanks to @CoopDigital @FACT_Liverpool @mikelittlezed1 @amazeltd @imdollywilliams for ev…

10:07pm Nov 15 2016 —

RT @EmmaLRileyy: Fantastic to have Mike Little, Co-Founder of @WordPress, here to congratulate the girls on their graduation #LGGacademy. W…

9:37pm Nov 15 2016 —

RT @MrsDHW: Tech legend & northerner @mikelittlezed1 here presenting the awards tonight @lpoolgirlgeeks academy

9:37pm Nov 15 2016 —

9:31pm Nov 15 2016 —

RT @FA_Science: Year 10 Students enjoying a live web chat with real scientists as part of “I’m a Scientist Get Me Out of Here” @imascientis…

4:14pm Nov 15 2016 —

Remember to bring your laptop and a WordPress problem for our clinic session. Maybe we can fix your problem.

11:32am Nov 15 2016 —

Month Meeting: Wednesday 16th, 6.30-9pm, Madlab

11:28am Nov 15 2016 —