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Ah! That’s why I don’t like driving! Sobering statistics.

5:30pm Apr 13 2016 —

RT @SazBaileyUK: There must be some nutcase I know who’s up for this one….?????

Maxipotential are recruiting! Looking for… https://t.…

3:38pm Apr 13 2016 —

RT @seldo: The story of Rust turning 50% of its players female overnight is wonderful in the purity of its absurdity:…

8:24am Apr 13 2016 —

RT @chris_carter_: To lighten your day… this is ‘ucking brilliant!

8:13am Apr 13 2016 —

RT @euan: Differentiation…

8:02am Apr 13 2016 —

RT @mrmicahali: The ‘Human Computer’ Behind the Moon Landing Was a #BlackWoman @PedroANoguera @BlackGirlsCode @NSBE

7:05am Apr 13 2016 —

RT @madlabuk: Learn Advanced #WordPress techniques from co-founder @mikelittlezed1, 5th/6th May, book now!… https://…

7:00pm Apr 12 2016 —

RT @wpmaintain: It was an absolute honour to meet @mikelittlezed1 at #wcldn, the Co-Founder of WordPress. Thank you, Mike!…

6:59pm Apr 12 2016 —

RT @rachelmccollin: Someone tell #germainegreer that gender isn’t about chromosomes or surgery, it’s about identity

8:32am Apr 12 2016 —

4:42pm Apr 11 2016 —

RT @WordPress1x1: The Contributor-Day at WordCamp London just ended. Was a great day and fun to work in the…

3:25am Apr 11 2016 —

RT @WordPress1x1: My Highlight at the #wcldn – meeting @mikelittlezed1 the Co-Founder of #WordPress & had a great talk about #genderequalit…

3:24am Apr 11 2016 —

7:29pm Apr 10 2016 —

RT @WordCampSD: Yes MT @eblagonic: The best moment of every WordCamp is recognizing the team that did it. Congrats #wcldn…

7:29pm Apr 10 2016 —

RT @that_web_guy: Thanks to force-of-nature @miss_jwo and all the team who made #wcldn so amazing in 2016. See you again next year!

7:29pm Apr 10 2016 —

RT @KonstantinYelin: A big thank you to all #wcldn organisers & volunteers for a great weekend! See you next year @WordCampLondon 2017 http…

5:39pm Apr 10 2016 —

RT @Ana_Segota: The most inspiring talk by the beautiful @The_Lil_Hulk. So much courage. We can all take and learn something from her. Than…

8:19am Apr 10 2016 —

RT @iroc: dear tech companies, “hacks” like this are not funny or cute. see above thread for details

7:00am Apr 10 2016 —

RT @SurajSodha: @mikelittlezed1 Really pleased to meet you at #wcldn, we built a livelihood and jobs because of WP with @wpmaintain https:/…

6:10pm Apr 9 2016 —

RT @Ana_Segota: Thanks so much for the great & very inspiring talk @The_Lil_Hulk 🙂 #wcldn

4:42pm Apr 9 2016 —

RT @SurajSodha: @The_Lil_Hulk thank you for a great insight into a day in the life of someone with #autism at #wcldn. We should all be doin…

4:41pm Apr 9 2016 —

RT @ifyouwillit: OMGGGG!!!! It’s #wapuu at #wcldn! cc: @marktimemedia

4:40pm Apr 9 2016 —

RT @eblagonic: Talk from @The_Lil_Hulk about #Neurodiversity is a higlight of the day and it could easily be of a conference. Amazing and p…

4:39pm Apr 9 2016 —

Apparently, when you have more than 99 tabs open in android chrome the count is a smiley face. 😀

4:35pm Apr 9 2016 —

RT @eblagonic: My utmost respect @The_Lil_Hulk for walking out on a stage and showing us how to cope with life. Thank you. Don’t stop. #wcl…

4:31pm Apr 9 2016 —