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Forming habits with @toodledo. Currently tracking my #fivetibetanrites with it: over 200 days.

6:04pm Nov 11 2015 —

@ottomancer @GurbirSingh Awesome! Give her all the encouragement she needs!

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Mars – The new space race?… via @gurbirsingh

11:05am Nov 10 2015 —

@s10wen @tnash @Tarendai @miss_jwo I have been using (paid) on some sites.

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RT @photomatt: Seventy-Five to Go…

11:19pm Nov 8 2015 —

@LouLouK yes. Carry on.

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RT @adventuresofrob: sounds delightful mate can’t wait to take a stroll along it

3:46pm Nov 7 2015 —

What if all the action heroes were girls? There’s no real reason they couldn’t be… via @YouTube

4:20pm Nov 6 2015 —

RT @madlabuk: Develop professional techniques with our Advanced WordPress course, 26/27th November……

4:04pm Nov 6 2015 —

RT @fightfortheftr: The final text of the #TPP confirms all our worst fears. RT to raise the alarm.…

6:27am Nov 6 2015 —

RT @e_nyamayaro: Trudeau gives Canada first cabinet with equal number of men and women #HeForShe

6:25am Nov 6 2015 —

RT @KatharineJewitt: Without women, computing as we know it would not exist. #AdaLovelaceDay

5:32pm Nov 4 2015 —

RT @madlabuk: Learn #WordPress with its co-founder, Mike Little!

5:18pm Nov 4 2015 —

RT @dboudreau: The enchanting music of sign language »… #ASL & music may have more in common than we think…

12:52am Nov 4 2015 —

MWUG November Meeting: Wednesday 18th, 6.30-9pm, Madlab

3:07pm Nov 3 2015 —

November Meeting: Wednesday 16th, 6.30-9pm, Madlab…

2:52pm Nov 3 2015 —

RT @technicalfault: “Conform to Western/Judeo-Christian names or you don’t exist”

7:31am Nov 1 2015 —

Retain control of your data and presence on the web with your own WordPress site.

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