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@idea15webdesign OK. Are people who received letters registered w/Irish MOSS? The point of One Stop Shop is you only deal with 1 country…

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@idea15webdesign According to this page, the bank details (uk/external) are wrong for HMRC VATMOSS #VATMOSS

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RT @GurbirSingh: Training courses in Sep, Oct & Nov. Also free to attend MWUG on Wed 19th Aug w/ @mikelittle https:/…

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RT @karenmcgrane: “If you really care about both my safety and the success of your event, you’ll stop arguing about what “safe” means.” htt…

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RT @madlabuk: #WordPress courses at all levels, led by WP co-founder Mike Little. Here’s what people say: http://t.…

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RT @nevali: Twenty-fifteen in the UK, people. I’m struggling to articulate my rage at this state of affairs.…

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@CreativJam Well done! Was it the git stuff?

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@humanmadeltd your feeling restful site has an issue on mobile. Credits overlay the form.

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@herb_miller I used to struggle to draw ticks the “right way”. Still do, if I’m not thinking carefully.

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RT @amelia_briscoe: A guide to what the answer really means when you ask an Aussie a question.

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RT @annapedroza: @maggiephilbin report on report ‘uncomfortable truth’ about graduate employment prospects now live 🙂…

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@andrea_r @DeFries It clearly hasn’t held back your creativity! Love your quilting stuff.

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@andrea_r @DeFries You should try a good pair of LH scissors. Makes a world of difference. I didn’t understand until I used my first pair.

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@MiniGirlGeek Congrats!

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@DeFries only 90%. Hands behind back and similar I do right-handed. I couldn’t possibly use a mouse right-handed! 🙂

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How left-handed are you? I’m “Seriously Left-Handed (>90%)”… #lefthandersday

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RT @ag_dubs: “That event has lost a woman speaker while simultaneously promoting a dangerous one.”… by @katiekovalcin

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RT @brightenearly: We’re seeking freelance #wordpress #developers urgently to work on #wordpressthemes and #plugins. Get in touch here http…

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RT @ProfBrianCox: “The Coddling of the American Mind’ – why we should ensure we teach students how to think…

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@1jh @AusDTO Wow! Congratulations! A very exciting adventure awaits.

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RT @KimDotcom: A black man had a stroke in his car and could not move. Watch what US cops did to him. #Insane #BlackLivesMatter https://t.c…

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RT @tveitdal: Cartoons versus Climate Change

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RT @jmspool: Can’t help feeling disappointed when a talk on “accessibility” only discusses designing for blind users.

So many others need …

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RT @clintasha: rt if you’d watch the black widow movie, im trying to prove a point to @marvel

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