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RT @FreeCakesUK: Hi @mikelittlezed1 might you know of someone who’d be interested in volunteering as our Food Safety Coordinator? http://t.…

11:50am May 16 2014 —

Help fund this CD – Polly Paulusma: The Small Feat of my Reverie… via @pledgemusic

9:15am May 16 2014 —

@javorszky Grabbing my name! Plus, I’ve been meaning to get back into PGP/encryption. Lost my old HDD with private key 11 years ago 🙁

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@javorszky Much appreciated. all set up.

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Verifying myself: I am mikelittle on DGwmRHlj2ghwcmI8E_XZNGCd8tM1ZyBESrko /

11:33am May 15 2014 —

Any of my followers got a @KeybaseIO invitation code they would like to send me?

9:32am May 15 2014 —

@tomwillmot No idea! It was classed as a blog (& therefore time-wasting rubbish) on some filtering software (inc. where I used to work)

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May Meeting: Wednesday 21st, 6.30-9pm, Madlab…

1:48pm May 14 2014 —

RT @drkatestone: This is how an article should be written! Thank you @Sunday_Post

4:18pm May 13 2014 —

@MCR_Wake_Up Alas not free, but the ones I do for @madlabuk are a good price. @mwug is a free monthly meetup I run.

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@hanniross Is that you at 1:32 in this kickstarter video?

9:05am May 13 2014 —

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes yesterday. x

9:02am May 13 2014 —

WordPress Training courses 2014 –

3:12pm May 12 2014 —

RT @kelvinparam: .@EbenUpton and @MissPhilbin discuss the new English computing curriculum and @Raspberry_Pi on @NakedScientists http://t.c…

6:56am May 12 2014 —

@madlabuk Thank you!

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@IAMDEADSTOCK Excellent! Looks great. Nice to have a happy customer.

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RT @herb_miller: Did you know it’s 4000 days since the first release of WordPress? #wordpress @wpunitedkingdom @mikelittlezed1

12:41pm May 9 2014 —

RT @madlabuk: 2 more WordPress dates with WP co-founder @mikelittlezed1 this summer! Book your spot now to avoid disappointment: http://t.c…

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RT @GurbirSingh: India’s forgotten Rocketeer – Stephen H Smith. New post @ISROOFFICIAL @IndiasporaForum @airnewsaler…

8:55pm May 6 2014 —

@johnbillion and, of course, if you have to *tell* people to scroll to access the content, you’ve failed the user experience.

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@johnbillion literally just finished scrolling through a 7 screens-full home page with only 140 words on it!

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RT @johnbillion: I fear that the web will soon need scroll effect blockers. It’s getting out of hand.

2:15pm May 6 2014 —

RT @HistoryNeedsYou: Please raise your tea to #DeliaDerbyshire and celebrate both her birthday, b1937, and her musical genius…

9:58pm May 5 2014 —

@Ipstenu 🙂

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