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What kind of world do we have now? The disdain for life shown here is beyond belief.

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RT @ClexaCon: Could you SENSE that someone gr8 was coming?? Join us in giving @MsJamieClayton a huge welcome to #ClexaConLondon!!
#Sense8 #…

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Google’s “DRM” for email is technical nonsense and should not be allowed to set a dangerous precedent.

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RT @madlabuk: During this fun one hour workshop you can let your imagination run wild and create custom pin badges to take home with you! G…

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@WorthyOnTheWeb Congratulations. You’ve achieved more than I have, (I didn’t even finish A-levels) and I’m sure you…

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RT @MailChimp: RT if you high five Freddie after you send an email!

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This looks really interesting.
Integrated Circuits: Creating Digital Poetry…

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RT @JohnCooper_uk: @mwug Cheers for another great session, the info on SSL was really valuable.

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RT @LAMFurlong: For any scientists out there dabbling with the idea of taking part in @imascientist : wait no longer and just SIGN UP! A br…

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@BookishLex @MerriamWebster There are two telling phrases: “if the adjective tends to be understood as a noun…” A…

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RT @majortimspace: 49 years ago yesterday….
Apollo 11 launched carrying Neil Armstong, Buzz Aldrin ( @TheRealBuzz ) and Michael Collins t…

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RT @WebDevLaw: No scrutiny. No devolved veto. No *publishing the texts in advance*. They took back control alright. From you.…

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RT @majortimspace: Happy World Emoji Day #WorldEmojiDay 🚀👩‍🚀🌜☄
Can you translate the messages below…?

Tim Peake is the first 🇬🇧 ESA 👨‍🚀…

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RT @imascientist: Lesley is the Head of Psychology at her school and took part in the #IASUK Society Zone this June. Lesley tells us how th…

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@MichelleDhillon An old post but still relevant. Cheers!

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RT @kymscott5: My autistic 10yr old daughter, who hardly ever chooses to read or write, banged this out on the computer yesterday. She’d be…

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RT @nowthisnews: Women still aren’t allowed in the Tour de France — so these 13 women are biking the route a day early…

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RT @tylerkingkade: Turns out @reason found out in January that this figure came from a 9-year-old…

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RT @WordSesh: I had the privilege of sitting down with @mikelittlezed1 to interview him about his upcoming #WordSesh presentation. Check it…

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RT @majortimspace: Weekly ‘Galactic Cosmic Quiz!
Last week the answer was – 2!
Next 7 day teaser –
Which planet is farthest from the Sun (i…

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RT @mark_haddon: i knew the BBC had an addiction to nigel farage – which now threatens the sovereignty of the country itself, but i didn’t…

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@chrisgarrett I’ve not had to deal with Windows updates for a very long time. I guess they’ve got longer too!

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Why Apple? Why?
Why can you not warn me that not only will this update require a reboot but it will stop you from…

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RT @gosuperdonnie: “Do you need a straw?”
If yes: “Paper or plastic?”
If no: “Okay, have a good day.”

Seriously, it is possible to cut dow…

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