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IOPC: Justice for Mohamud Mohammed Hussan – Sign the Petition! via @UKChange

12:36pm Jan 15 2021 —

Thanks for the reminder @SYFY , I need to find my old DVDs.

Torchwood is essential queer television masquerading a…

1:37pm Jan 9 2021 —

RT @johnbillion: I’ve written and deleted a dozen Brexit tweets tonight but the words feel futile. I need a thousand words but I have the e…

10:40am Jan 1 2021 —

RT @imascientist: I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here is on demand. That means that we’ve got more happening, more often, to keep things fr…

10:24am Dec 16 2020 —

RT @mwug: December 2020 MWUG Cancelled

10:23am Dec 16 2020 —

December 2020 MWUG Cancelled

10:19am Dec 16 2020 —

RT @mikelittlezed1: Fabulous work by the release team!

7:54am Dec 10 2020 —

RT @thewebprincess: Represenation, Poetry and Nina Simone, over on the blog.…

7:37am Dec 10 2020 —

RT @FrancescaMarano: @mikelittlezed1 It’s been a wild ride and I hope an empowering one for many. This is a powerful signal, if we ever nee…

7:28am Dec 10 2020 —

RT @helenhousandi: Look at all of us 😊

2:57pm Dec 9 2020 —

Fabulous work by the release team!

2:51pm Dec 9 2020 —

10:09pm Dec 1 2020 —

RT @Mermaids_Gender: BREAKING: High Court ruling deals a potentially devastating blow to trans under 16s seeking access to life-saving pube…

10:09pm Dec 1 2020 —

Urgent action needed: Home Office plan pre Christmas mass deportation to Jamaica during lockdown via @UKChange

8:54am Nov 26 2020 —

November’s MWUG meeting will be on Wednesday 18th online using Zoom 6pm-8pm. RSVP on for th…

2:22pm Nov 18 2020 —

I’ll be taking part in this “Black History Month – See Me, Be Me” event at 12 noon. Tickets here…

10:36am Oct 29 2020 —

RT @TheCre8tiveDiva: @mikelittlezed1, @wpdavidv and @Sandee_Jackson. Reminded me of our discussion on how to get younger people using WordP…

12:29pm Oct 24 2020 —

RT @YaraShahidi: Just sitting here reflecting on how I ran 5 different WordPress blogs at 13 😂 I really needed the world to hear what I had…

12:28pm Oct 24 2020 —

RT @TheMichaelMoran: We’ve managed to elect a government that is both thoroughly corrupt and entirely incompetent. If you can read this wit…

12:28pm Oct 24 2020 —

RT @abrightclearweb: Sending 🧡 to these northern/north of England-based WordPressers I know … @Tarendai @tnash @mikelittlezed1 @rhyswynne

1:59pm Oct 21 2020 —

October 2020 Meeting: Wednesday 21st, 6-8pm, Online

12:05pm Oct 20 2020 —

Seriously Netflix, you don’t have to force feed me trailers 15 seconds after the credits start. I’m already a payin…

1:06am Oct 11 2020 —

RT @failbettergames: We’re offering a paid traineeship in games writing, running Nov 2 to Dec 11, open to Black candidates.

You do not nee…

3:25pm Oct 7 2020 —

RT @blackgirlgamers: Happy #BlackHistoryMonth to all our Black Brits!

It’s also BGG’s birthday this month…coindydink? I think not!


3:24pm Oct 7 2020 —

RT @Humanists_UK: The Government is emphasising that teachers have a duty not to politically indoctrinate children. But it’s ignoring the f…

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