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RT @Humanists_UK: BIG NEWS: We’re very pleased to say that the next President of Humanists UK will be none other than @theAliceRoberts! Ali…

8:31am Nov 12 2018 —

BBC News – Badger cull: Vets accuse ministers of ‘barefaced lies’…

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I’m joining the campaign #ForTheWeb because it will take all of us to build a better web @webfoundation

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RT @WritersofColour: When fascism returns to Europe, you won’t hear the march of jackboots, but the complacent chuckling of white media pun…

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RT @AmyChu: Scotland, doing it right.

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I just liked “RED S02E01 – Bebidas e uma Confissão II” on #Vimeo:

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I just liked “RED S01E08 – In Vino Veritas (Season Finale)” on #Vimeo:

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I just liked “RED S01E07 – Revelações II” on #Vimeo:

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I just liked “RED S01E06 – Scarlet” on #Vimeo:

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I just liked “RED S01E05 – Bebidas e uma Confissão” on #Vimeo:

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I just liked “RED S01E04 – Insônias” on #Vimeo:

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I just liked “RED S01E03 – Revelações I” on #Vimeo:

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I just liked “RED S01E02 – A Cor Vermelha” on #Vimeo:

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I just liked “RED S01E01- Meia Verdade” on #Vimeo:

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@SiobhanLHancock Oh no! I hope you aren’t hurting too much.

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RT @keiths: “We know our users/customers”

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@WebDevLaw @IamAhmedKhalifa Unfortunately, I can’t make it. Maybe next year.

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With the “Gutenberg or die” attitude I’m hearing right now, this knockback from the top about #Accessibility feels…

1:47pm Oct 30 2018 —

This Is How We Radicalized The World… via @broderick

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RT @wcmcr: Just wanted to say a huge thank you to our MCs yesterday. @suefernandesweb @miss_jwo @WorthyOnTheWeb @tomcchute You all did a fa…

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RT @wpmark: Today @wcmcr contributor day I was working on testing the WP Broadbean plugin’s compatibility with the latest (Gutenberg) relea…

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RT @tomcchute: Fascinating lightning talk from Kin @likecoin_fdn at #WCMCR Micro payments for content creators using #crypto if @mikelittle…

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RT @NewYorkerLaura: Major takeaway from @LilJimmi from @WordCampPhilly keynote: show support w/o inserting yourself into the conversation.…

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Gonna be late for WordCamp Manchester, but looking forward to it nonetheless. #WCMCR

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RT @Mermaids_Gender: In the 20 years that followed Susie Green’s first anxious call to the Mermaids helpline, she’s managed to transform th…

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